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Armed with a great level of empathy and understanding, our approach is to provide peace of mind by providing the legal foundation upon which our clients’ voices are heard throughout every stage of the matter at heart.

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Whether you are going through a challenging divorce or just want to get a simple agreement formalized and enforceable, we are here to help you plan for what may come up throughout the process.

Child Custody

We focus on child custody matters that involve establishing custody and parenting time as well as modifying previous orders to update custody and parenting time.

High Conflict Matters

We understand the never-ending nightmare that happens in high-conflict  matters and are here to help navigate through it by providing strategies to help prepare for the next issue that may arise. 

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

For those who are about to get married and would like helping reviewing pre-nuptial agreement or drafting one, we believe congratulations are in order first and foremost.

About Us

Strategy Building for the future; guidance for the past.

Our focus is primarily on guiding women through difficult challenges involving divorce, child custody, restraining orders, or other high-conflict matters while helping survivors of domestic violence navigate safely and effectively throughout the process of building a brighter future. Our goal is to provide not only legal guidance but also to give tools to help build long-term strategies for working around the opposing party…..”The Ex”.

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I have a child with my abusive Ex and I thought leaving him and getting a restraining order meant I would not have to communicate with him: Do I really have to continue talking to him?


Will this divorce or child custody matter ever end?

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We provide virtual appointments by phone or if requested by zoom. 

Beyond legal advice, our service to our clients include strategy building for the future as well as guidance in the present.


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